STOL rules

Competition Description

  1. The STOL Competition will be held over four days
  2. Each pilot will be allowed a minimum of one take-off and one landing (“cycle”) in the STOL Competition. There is no maximum number of cycles. The best result will be used.
  3. Heats will be held on Thursday and Friday with Category Finals on Saturday and Sunday in accordance with the STOL Competition Programme
  4. Aircraft can compete in the heats as often as they like – subject to programme
  5. The Semi-Finals will be contested from the top 5 aircraft in each category.
  6. The top two aircraft in each category will compete in the Final.
  7. The Semi-final and Final will consist of two cycles for each aircraft with the best cycle to count.

Competition Technical Details

  1. The Aircraft reference point is the centre of the axle of the main gear (the ‘Aircraft’).
  2. Neither tailwheel nor nosewheel are referenced for any part of the competition.
  3. Take-off roll is measured either from stopped position (STOL aircraft) or after backtracking to the ARRIVAL line for aircraft that need/want the full runway take-off distance.
  4. Take-off distance will be measured from where the aircraft was stationary to where it leaves the ground for the last time (in case of a departure bounce or two).
  5. Aircraft must land on or beyond the ARRIVAL line.
  6. Aircraft touchdown prior to the ARRIVAL line will disqualify that cycle.
  7. Aircraft must come to a full stop, pointing ahead, and remain stopped until completion of measuring. A black and white chequered flag will be held until you are clear to proceed.
  8. Landing distance will be measured from the ARRIVAL line to the Aircraft.
  9. Your result will be based on the best take-off and landing cycle. (i.e. the shortest combined landing and take-off distance in one cycle)
  10. The first landing and last departure may not be measured.
  11. Distances (landing or take-off) over 150m may be estimated.
  12. It is a pilot competition, so the same aircraft may be used by different pilots with different decal (registration) numbers.

Competition Procedure

  1. All competitive cycles will start and finish from Knokke Zoute International Airport
  2. When ready to compete, Pilots should call Zoute Radio and request departure for ‘Cycles’.
  3. Radio Operator will advise when the circuit is available.
  4. Maximum number of aircraft in the circuit pattern is 3.
  5. Aircraft will complete a maximum of 3 cycles at a time – further cycles may be available
  6. During a cycle, downwind calls will be either, ‘Downwind Stop and Go’, or ‘Downwind Full Stop’, as appropriate.
  7. Aircraft completing three cycles may request to conduct further cycles if there are no other aircraft waiting to compete at that time and there is space in the circuit.
  8. Aircraft Arriving and Departing Zoute Airport will be given priority over circuit traffic
  9. Competition Aircraft may be advised to make a Full Stop landing and clear the runway to allow other aircraft to arrive and depart. The Competition circuits can be resumed once there is space in the circuit pattern.


  1. Your aircraft must satisfy the competition Minimum Equipment List.
  2. You must have the legal minimum fuel AT ALL TIMES – random fuel tank checks may be made.
  3. The organisation retains all rights to accept or disqualify any pilot/aircraft at any stage from the competition for whatever reason – without right of appeal.
  4. Although advisory, it is expected that the Zoute Radio Operator’s advice will be respected.
  5. Pilots must operate their aircraft at all times in a responsible manner in accordance with the Belgium Air Navigation Order and as stated in the Knokke Zoute International Airport – Advice to Pilots.
  6. Pilots who fail to observe the Zoute Air Trophy Competition Rules may be excluded from the Competition at the discretion of the Zoute Air Trophy Competition Director



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