Air Trophy is proud to be offering a choice of seven exclusive individual VIP-packages to enhance your Zoute Air Trophy experience and have unique access to the competing aircraft and pilots.
Please note that we prefer tickets be pre-bought online – whilst there is currently no procedure for ‘tickets at the door’, if we do decide to offer this, they will be more expensive.

Once you have registered your tickets, please print your receipt. Bring this to our Quinoa Check-In desk in the entrance of the Casino (Zeedijk side) to collect your boarding passes and access bands. We wish you a VERY pleasant “flight”!


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Entire Four Days VIP accessBuy ticket

Thursday 14th

VIP All DayBuy ticket

LunchBuy ticket

Evening Opening ReceptionBuy ticket

Dinner (Sold out)Buy ticket

Contemporary Aviation Art Show - Grand Openingfree registration

Friday 15th

VIP All DayBuy ticket

LunchBuy ticket

After-work DrinksBuy ticket

DinnerBuy ticket

Saturday 16th

VIP All DayBuy ticket

Lunch (Sold out)Buy ticket

Dinner (Sold out)Buy ticket

Sunday 17th

VIP All DayBuy ticket

LunchBuy ticket

Prizegiving CeremonyBuy ticket

Dinner (Sold out)Buy ticket

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By meubili

We look forward to welcoming you to the world’s first ever Beach STOL Competition - the Zoute Air Trophy 2018.


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